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Until I find the righteous one - Computer Blue.

Ubisoft announced today at San Diego Comic-Con that it is giving one lucky fan the ultimate gameplay experience: to go down in history as the first person to play a video game on Mt. Everest.

Ubisoft press release (via jeffgerstmann)

THE ULTIMATE GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE! If you aren’t playing Far Cry on Mt. Everest, you’re playing a pile of garbage! What the hell?

(via jeffgerstmann)

(via jeffgerstmann)

The Sims 2 with every expansion pack FREE

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bbnilla (thought you’d be interested).

I love the way Prince looks when they first cut to him. Just stony faced.

What a beautiful guy.

Also if you look close 1.52, you can see Prince’s dad standing up momentarily.

What's Behind This McDonalds Ad? Russell Brand The Trews (E107) - YouTube


Matt Morgan and Russell on today’s episode of The Trews!

I hope he’s still doing podcasts with Matt later this year. 

You don’t think Prince is good? Overrated you say?

You don’t think Prince is good? Overrated you say?

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